Professional Negligence Claims

Professional Negligence Claims

Professional Negligence Claims Against a Surveyor

A surveyor has a significant responsibility in the property market, carrying out valuations and building surveys to establish how much properties are worth and whether they are safe to occupy. The consequences of failing in this duty owed to clients can be extremely serious, ranging from major financial loss to serious injury. If chartered surveyors fall below the standards that could reasonably be expected of another competent surveyor in the same position, this is usually deemed "professional negligence".

If you have suffered financial losses or other harm due to the actions of a negligent surveyor, you may be entitled to claim compensation. This can help to cover your losses and account for any harm you experienced.

The professional negligence claims team at Clough & Willis Solicitors recognises the significant harm that people can suffer due to surveyor negligence. We are experts in making claims against surveyors and can help to secure the compensation you are owed. Call us today on 0800 083 0815 or use our online enquiry form  to request a call back at your convenience.

How we can help

A surveyor negligence claim is a way to recover financial losses and account for other types of harm you may have suffered at the hands of a surveyor. The team at Clough & Willis is experienced in professional negligence claims, meaning that we can help you to evaluate whether you can make a compensation claim, support you throughout the process and estimate how much compensation you could be owed. We will start by listening to you talk about your situation, and always deliver advice tailored to the specific outcomes you are aiming to achieve.

Thanks to our expertise in professional negligence claims against surveyors, we can help you to gather evidence and prove the surveyor's liability for the harm you experienced. This includes reviewing the surveyor's report and examining the condition of the property. We may also seek expert evidence from other surveyors to illustrate the standards where your original surveyor fell short.

Many professional negligence claims against surveyors are settled out of court, with the surveyor accepting their liability and negotiating a settlement. If necessary, we will also represent you in court proceedings to pursue the compensation you deserve. Our professional negligence solicitors will do everything we can to secure a successful outcome for you, no matter what the legal process involves.

FAQs about Surveyor Negligence Claims

What do I need to prove to make a surveyor negligence claim?

People who have been failed by the conduct of a property surveyor will not always be able to make a compensation claim. To be eligible to make a claim against a surveyor, you need to present evidence that proves:

  1. The surveyor owed you a duty of care and failed to meet the standards expected of someone in their position; and
  2. The surveyor's negligence caused you financial, physical or emotional harm.

For example, failing to carry out a structural survey properly could mean that serious problems are not identified. In some cases, this might significantly devalue a property compared to what the buyer paid for it. In others, this could lead to accidents and injuries that might otherwise have been prevented.

Working as a surveyor requires strict minimum standards, and when a professional falls short, this may be considered an example of negligence. However, to be eligible to claim compensation, you must be able to quantify the harm you suffered as a result of the negligence.

What are the most common examples of surveyor negligence claims?

Surveyors play a critical role in assessing and valuing property, and their advice influences significant financial decisions. If they fail to uphold professional standards or deliver negligent advice, it can lead to substantial losses for their clients. There are several types of surveyor negligence for which clients may be able to claim compensation, including:

  • Incorrectly valuing a property. For example, a property might be sold for less than its actual value due to an undervaluation, or a buyer might pay more than the property is worth based on an overvaluation, both of which represent financial losses.
  • Not spotting structural issues or defects during a survey, in cases where this later results in costly repairs and a decrease in the property’s value. This includes providing inaccurate advice on the condition of a property, leading to unexpected repair costs for the client. Overlooking health and safety hazards during a survey could potentially result in injury and liability claims against the property owner, and so this is another example of negligent surveyor behaviour.
  • Providing an inadequate report, with insufficient or unclear information that leaves the client unaware of potential issues.
  • Failing to advise on necessary repairs or remedial work that should be carried out to maintain or enhance the property's condition. If the client is unaware that this work is necessary and later has to pay for it, this might be considered a negligent valuation.
  • Incorrectly measuring the property, resulting in inaccurate property size or boundary descriptions that could mislead a potential buyer.
  • Carrying out a survey without proper attention or thoroughness may be negligence. For example, failing to identify potential planning restrictions or legal issues that could affect the property’s use or value. This is a particular concern for commercial property transactions. Not taking into account environmental issues, such as the risk of flooding or contamination, which could adversely affect the property’s value, is another example of this type of negligence.

Any of these circumstances can lead to serious financial consequences for property buyers and sellers. If a negligent valuation or building survey caused you to lose money, or suffer another type of harm, you may be entitled to claim financial compensation. Get in touch with the team at Clough & Willis today to discuss the situation in which the negligence occurred and your eligibility to claim.

Who will pay my compensation?

Most surveyors have professional indemnity insurance, which is designed to protect them in the event that they make a mistake. If a surveyor fails in their legal obligation to you as a client, you can usually claim compensation from their insurance company. This means that, even if you do not believe the surveyor has the money to pay compensation, you are not prevented from fulfilling your legal right to make a claim.

Why Choose Clough & Willis?

If professional negligence by a surveyor caused you to suffer financial loss or harm, the experienced solicitors at Clough & Willis are ready to help. Our professional negligence lawyers have many years of experience in making surveyor negligence compensation claims and, while every claim is different, we know what to expect and how to respond proactively to keep your case on track.

We pride ourselves on the quality of the service we deliver to clients nationwide, and we recognise that every situation is unique. The impact of surveyor negligence can go far beyond the financial implications to cause emotional strain and, in some cases, even physical harm. As such, we know that every compensation claim is different and we manage every case according to its individual requirements.

When you have misspent money on a property that does not meet the standards you expected, you can be left in a very difficult and upsetting position - especially if it was a residential property that you intended to live in. Clough & Willis' professional negligence lawyers know that you have a lot to deal with in the aftermath and, to make it easier, we'll shoulder as much of the burden for your claim as possible. That way, you will have more time to focus on the other important things you need to manage while we keep your professional negligence claim moving towards a successful outcome. This approach to surveyor negligence claims has delivered compensation for many of our clients, and our strong track record in this area speaks to the high quality of our service.

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The team at Clough & Willis is one of the foremost in the UK at managing surveyor negligence claims and delivering successful outcomes for clients. When you have suffered financial loss due to the mistakes of a property surveyor, you need a professional negligence lawyer to put things right. By choosing Clough & Willis, you will put yourself in the best position to make a successful claim.

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