Personal Injury

Personal Injury

Fork Lift Truck Work Place Accidents

Have you been injured because of a Fork Lift Truck? If so, you may be entitled to claim compensation.

Many workers suffer very serious injuries in accidents involving vehicles in the workplace, this includes "stacker trucks” and "stand up trucks”.  A significant number of these accidents are caused by someone other than the driver - you could be working in the vicinity and still be hurt.  And, let's not forget, members of the public can be at risk of injury whilst visiting workplaces where such trucks are being used.

There are lots of ways in which a fork lift truck can injure you at work.  For example, they can crash into each other or into you, topple over whilst your driving one or a load can fall off and hit you. Some times they can be driven too fast or recklessly. 

Every employee who uses a fork lift truck must be properly trained, be issued with good protective clothing and equipment, along with safe walking and driving routes must be provided by employers. Unfortunately this is often ignored by employers and their workers are put at risk and are injured.

Too many people suffer injuries at work caused by fork lift trucks and these injuries can cause death , or be very serious often requiring  surgery and a long time off work recovering  (and sometimes your employer may refuse to pay you wages while you're off -even though the accident was their fault!).

Claiming compensation for a work accident caused by Fork Lift Truck Accidents

If you have been injured as a result of a cehicle, I can help you claim.

I will advise you how much you can claim for your pain and suffering and I will explain in simple terms every step of how to make an accident at work compensation claim. You can also claim for past and future loss of earnings and loss of pension benefits. I can also help you to claim:

  • Interim payments  
  • Payments for private medical treatment 
  • Company Sick Pay and private health and other insurance policy claims  
  • Benefit entitlement arising from incapacity for work

You don't have to worry about losing your job. The law protects employees in this situation and Clough & Willis has a team of experienced employment law solicitors who can make sure that your employment rights are protected.

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