Personal Injury

Personal Injury

Personal Injury

If you have been left with an injury as a result of another person or organisation’s negligence or lack of care, you may be able to make a personal injury claim. The expert accident injury solicitors at Clough & Willis can help guide you through this process and maximise your chances of a successful claim. 

We offer a range of services and legal representation for those making personal injury compensation claims, including those who have suffered a car accident or an accident at work. Regardless of the circumstances of your case, we can offer tailored and sensitive legal support at what will likely be a stressful time for you, making the personal injury claims process as straightforward as possible. 

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How we can help

At Clough & Willis, we employ an experienced team of personal injury claim solicitors in Bury and Bolton, led by our head of litigation Chris Macwilliam. We have helped many individuals like you to claim compensation following an injury and are dedicated to providing an excellent service in a friendly and approachable manner. 

If you have sustained an injury in an incident that was not your fault, we will assess your case and advise you on the claims process. Whether you are seeking head injury compensation, making a car accident claim or seeking redress for an accident at work, we will identify the responsible party and build the strongest possible case to help you achieve a positive outcome. 

Our trustworthy accident claim solicitors are highly knowledgeable on all aspects of personal injury law, and will work tirelessly to ensure you get the compensation you deserve, offering support every step of the way to help you concentrate fully on your recovery.

Our services

The personal injury claim solicitors at Clough & Willis can provide legal support and guidance on a wide range of personal injury claims, with service areas including: 

This list is not exhaustive, and we will be happy to discuss your circumstances and provide legal support even if the personal injury you suffered is not included above.

Why claim for personal injury compensation?

Sustaining a personal injury, whether minor or severe, can have lasting repercussions on your day-to-day quality of life and your ability to work. Making a personal injury compensation claim can help you return to as normal a life as possible following an accident, and reimburse some of the money you may have lost through loss of earnings and other expenses. 

Money won as part of your personal injury claim could be used to cover: 

  • Loss of earnings and pension funds
  • Travel expenses to and from medical appointments
  • The cost of care and rehabilitation services
  • Any home improvements or specialist medical equipment required as a result of your injury

What is the time limit for making a personal injury claim?

In England & Wales, personal injury claims must be made within three years of the date of the accident. If you do not make your claim within this period, it is likely to be rejected. 

However, there are some exceptions to this. If the injured party is aged under 18, then the three-year time limit comes into effect from their 18th birthday. Additionally, if the negative health consequences of an accident are not immediately obvious, then the limitation period will begin from the point that you became aware that something was wrong. 

If the accident happened abroad, different time limits will also apply, depending on local laws. If you feel unsure about any of the issues relating to time limits on personal injury claims, it is essential to seek expert legal advice as soon as possible to minimise the risk of missing the deadline.

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