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Going through a divorce can be a painful process for all involved but working with experienced and knowledgeable legal professionals can help ensure a quick resolution for both sides.

When a marriage comes to an end it can be very emotionally challenging time, and the legal issues associated with a breakup can cause further problems.

If you are worried about what will happen on the breakdown of your relationship and what your future may hold then speak to us today.

We are members of Resolution, the national organisation of family lawyers, meaning we are best placed to offer support and guidance at this testing time.  Speak to one of our experienced solicitors by calling 0800 083 0815, or fill out an online enquiry form and we will get back to you.

During or after a legal separation, there may still be a need for the court to settle disputes over money or property. The court can make a financial provision order (formerly known as ancillary relief). We are experts in high value financial provision proceedings and complex children disputes.

At the first meeting and throughout we will:

  • Explain the divorce process and help you understand what you need to do at each stage
  • Take instructions to prepare the divorce papers
  • Keep you updated and represent your best interests
  • Help you reach an agreement with your ex-partner wherever practical, without having to go to court
  • Present your case if a court hearing is required for costs or you are seeking financial orders
  • Help you to understand what the judge can and cannot do, and explain what the judge's decision means for you

Grounds for divorce

Divorce or dissolution is the legal process to end an unhappy marriage or civil partnership.  It is always dealt with separately to other issues, which could include child custody, financial settlements and the splitting of property and assets. In order for a divorce or civil partnership to be granted, there must be grounds. The grounds for divorce are set out below.  However, whilst those for civil partnership are the same, they do not include adultery.

The most common reasons for divorce are outlined below:

Unreasonable behaviour - the most commonly cited reason for a permanent, legal separation due to its wide interpretation. This umbrella term can refer to everything from violence to criminal behaviour, poor financial management or emotional abuse. All that must be proved is that a couple can no longer live together as a result of this behaviour.

Adultery - you can cite adultery as grounds for the breakdown of a marriage, only if you can prove that your spouse had sexual intercourse with another person. For any other sort of indiscretion you will need to use the grounds of unreasonable behaviour.

Desertion - desertion can be cited if a spouse leaves for a period of at least two years, against the wishes of their partner. Desertion is very rarely used.

Separation - often consensual agreement that the marriage is over

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At Clough & Willis, we have a great deal of experience in dealing with different types of divorce cases.  We understand the sensitive nature of this process, and will be with you every step of the way.

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