The Conveyancing Process – The sale

The majority of people are unfamiliar with what to expect when they are moving house. As experienced conveyancing solicitors we are often asked how long until completion and what the next step in the process is. 

Below is a brief outline of what the legal process involves:-

  1. A sale is negotiated either through estate agents or privately.
  2. The client then instructs us to act for them in their sale by signing our Terms of Engagement letter.
  3. The client completes a Property Information Questionnaire, Fittings and Contents List, Overriding Interests Form and Leasehold Questionnaire (if their property is leasehold).
  4. We will then recover the client’s deeds for the property either from the clients lender, our deeds store or the clients themselves.
  5. A Contract Pack made up of the completed forms listed at stage 3 above, together with relevant copy documents from the deeds and of course the sale Contract, are sent to the purchaser’s solicitors.
  6. The purchaser’s solicitors will then raise any pre-contract enquiries they want to and will order searches. We will forward the pre-contract enquiries that can be answered by our client to them for their response. We will of course deal with any legal/technical enquiries ourselves.
  7. We will then arrange for our client to sign the Contract and Transfer in readiness of completion.  We will also, if relevant, order a redemption statement for any mortgage secured against the property.
  8. A completion date is then negotiated and agreed.
  9. Exchange of Contracts takes place setting the completion date in stone.
  10. On completion, the sellers must vacate the property by lunchtime and drop all keys to the property at the estate agents, or alternatively, make arrangements to meet the purchaser’s with them.
  11. The signed Transfer Deed is sent to the purchaser’s solicitors for them in turn to forward to the Land Registry who will in turn use the Deed to register the property in the name of the new owners. 

If you are in any doubt about your potential sale or have any questions relating to the conveyancing process please contact Lorraine, Dominique or Susan now on freephone number 0800 083 0815 or,,,