Protecting Most Important Asset

Following the death of an elderly relative there are often many things for the family to sort out and one of the most important and sometimes emotional is selling the family home.   

The location of title Deeds for the house is sometimes a difficult task for the family if they have not asked their loved one where the title documents are held.  Many believe that title Deeds are no longer required to sell a house and this is sometimes the case if the property is registered at the Land Registry.  Occasionally however no registration has taken place.  This can be the case if the family member has owned the house for many years and particularly in our area in Bury if it has been owned since the late 1960’s when it became compulsory to register purchases where a payment was made for the property.   

Often the house is left empty and the family are anxious to sell the property to prevent the house deteriorating and to prevent bills for the property still needing to be paid.  If there are no title Deeds and the property has not been registered making an application to the Land Registry to reconstitute the title to the property requires evidence of ownership to be produced and details of why there are no title Deeds.  This can be a lengthy and costly application.  It can also mean the house cannot be sold quickly and can cause additional cost to the deceased’s family.   

Making sure the whereabouts of title deeds are known can prevent this situation arising.