Divorce – Good Reasons For Not Using An Online Service

In a recent High Court case, the Judge considered 28 Divorce Petitions that all contained identical particulars of behaviour.  All the Petitions had used the services of a particular online divorce provider instead of instructing an experienced divorce solicitor.  The online service used standard wording on all the Petitions rather than dealing with each case on an individual basis.  

The Judge dismissed all 28 Petitions on the basis it was impossible for all 28 Respondents to have behaved precisely the same as the others. 

Every Petitioner must word their own particulars, this behaviour must have occurred and be true.  

The Judge gave the online provider a stern warning making clear he would refer them to the Department of Public Prosecutions in the event this should happen again. 

The change in divorce law providing for “no fault” divorce is due to come into force in April 2022, will no longer require the Court to consider particulars of behaviour.  However, until then the current law requiring the Petitioner to prove their case must not be ignored. 

All 28 Petitioners will now be faced with the daunting task of amending their Petitions to provide particulars specific to their own case and to pay a further Court fee.  This will probably result in their application for a divorce taking twice as long as originally advised by their online service. 

At Clough & Willis, we treat each client individually.  We are aware that the facts of their case are unique.  We offer a bespoke fixed fee service to deal with application for divorce based upon unreasonable behaviour.

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