Court Delays People On Hold

The increasing delays being suffered by people using the family Court system have significantly increased as the Court system has battled with imposed closures and budget cuts.  A recent report in The Times suggested the average wait for completion of a divorce and the financial aspects of it have reached almost 14 months. 

This significantly affects the ability of people to get on with their lives and often means lengthy delays between issues being settled as to whether the matrimonial home is being sold or when a clean financial break between spouses can be imposed.  Often there are in place temporary arrangements whereby the main earner who may have left the home is having to top up the income of the spouse remaining in the house with the children or indeed paying for everything.  These temporary arrangements rather than lasting for a few months are more likely taking up to a year.  That may mean one party is trapped in rented accommodation with little or no left over income after meeting their own accommodation costs and those of the spouse in occupation of the house. 

Whilst there is a much heralded overhaul of the divorce process for which the marriage will be dissolved, the budget cuts and Court closures have created an ever decreasing funnel by which the more important financial aspects of that divorce must pass if not resolved by agreement in the meantime.