Can I Still Commence Divorce Proceedings While The Court’s Are Closed?

Can I Still Commence Divorce Proceedings While The Court’s Are Closed?

The Courts are still operating and we remain open and able to take your instructions by telephone or video conferencing. We are also able to see you at our office by appointment and which is subject to social distancing. The divorce process is fairly straightforward and very much a paper exercise. It will not require you to attend Court provided the matter proceeds on an uncontested basis.  

Obviously if you are having to endure lockdown in the same house as the partner from which you wish to separate that may feed into your decision making as to whether you do wish to issue divorce proceedings at the present time even if you have taken advice and do want us to get the documentation ready.


How Do I Contact You?

You are either welcome to call us or contact us by email. Someone will speak to you to assess whether you just need a quick chat at this stage or dip your toe in the water and receive specific one off advice for a fixed fee.


What About The Finances?

If matters are straightforward and agreed then we will be able to discuss this with you. We will strongly recommend obtaining an Order that incorporates any agreement reached, so as to ensure finality of matters. The valuation of assets is as you can appreciate a little more difficult to predict as there is volatility in the stock markets which may affect pension valuations and other investments. Property valuations if not agreed are subject to the instruction of a Surveyor who are best placed to advise on the nature of the disruption and its affect on their advice. It may be possible to share the burden of risk by sharing in each asset class. In any event it would be unusual to consider offsetting something like the value of a pension against other assets as it is very much a case of comparing apples with pears.


What If Court Proceedings Are Necessary?

Court proceedings are taking place albeit remotely at the present time by telephone. This is progressed relatively smoothly thus far.


What About Timescales In The Current Situation?

Inevitably with other solicitors, opposing sides and the court often working from home or part time this does have a knock-on effect on the usual response times. However, we are finding we are able to progress matters.