BREXIT - How does this affect family law?

Whilst the result of the referendum creates a current period of uncertainty the effect of European Legislation will continue for the foreseeable future until we do actually exit theUnion. Ultimately there will be the effect of whether our legislation has to be read in conjunction with the Human Rights Act (the law passed which allows you to defend your rights in the UK and that organisations must treat everyone equally) and in turn complies with European Human Rights Legislation such as right to family life, right to privacy etc. There is also the fact that theBrussels(ii) Legislation confirms European wide where there is more than one legal jurisdiction involved the first to issue a petition for divorce settles where the proceedings will take place.

In terms of Children Law we are signatories ofthe Hagueand other Conventions which set out the framework whereby if a child is removed to another signatory country then the first Order of Court that should be made in that country is the child to be returned to its original European Country of residence and the dispute decided there.

I suspect legislation like Brussels (ii) and the Hague Convention will regardless of all other fallings out be unaffected by the British vote. Basically, because it does not (significantly) involve free movement of people and welfare benefit entitlement.