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Domestic violence is a term used to define the controlling, threatening and abusive behaviour exhibited by both men and women in relationships. This abuse does not have to be physical or sexual - it can also be psychological and emotional. Whilst the majority of victims are female it is not uncommon for men to be on the receiving end.  

Examples may include:

  • Intimidation, emotional abuse - calling you names, playing mind games and humiliating you
  • Isolation - controlling who you may see and what you do on a day to day basis
  • Using your children - threatening to take the children away or to hurt them
  • Economic control - preventing you from getting a job, controlling the amount of money you have day to day

One in four women and one in six men suffer domestic abuse.  The point of separation is usually the time when the most serious incidents take place.

We understand how difficult it is to talk about abuse. 

It is extremely important that you report all incidents to the police as soon as possible.  At the very least, keep a detailed diary or confide in a family member.

We are family law specialists.  We advise and represent male and female partners as well as other family relations subject to verbal and physical assaults or harassment .

We are committed to encouraging a non-confrontational approach to resolving family disputes and can advise on your legal rights regarding the following - getting an injunction against your partner, residence orders, non molestation orders (forbidding assaulting, harassing, pestering or intimidating you), child contact orders and occupation orders (regulating who can live in the family home and restricting your abuser / assailant from coming within a certain distance of the home).

We always recommend such behaviour is first reported to the police. If Court proceedings are necessary, the involvement or lack of involvement of the police would usually be an initial consideration for the Judge.

The Court can make orders to forbid violence and harassment (known as Non-Molestation Orders) and also govern the occupation of the home. A breach of a Non-Molestation Order is now a criminal offence which can lead to arrest and may also warrant a long custodial sentence if proven.

A Power of Arrest can also be granted to the police concerning breaches of an Occupation Order such as may restrain a party from attending at or in the vicinity of the home.

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