What Should I Do If I am Injured At Work?


Everyone has a right to go to work and come home again unharmed! Remember, your employer has a duty to protect you whilst you are at work but what should you do if you are injured at work?

Follow these simple steps:

• Record the incident in your employer's Accident Book
• If appropriate, take photographs of where the accident happened
• Visit your gp or hospital and give them a full history of how you were injured
• Ask your employer for support with your recovery - many offer care and medical treatment
• Contact a local solicitor who specialises in accidents at work
• Tell the Health & Safety Executive about your accident

Remember that your employer will be insured and when you make a claim the insurance company will deal with it.

Chris Macwilliam is a specialist in claims arising from work place accidents. Contact him at chris.macwilliam@clough-willis.co.uk and/or follow him at @talktochrismac on Twitter.com.

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