Property hoard to rival the V&A’s is found in a Leeds bungalow

An article reported in the Telegraph describes how a husband and wife had accumulated a 350-piece collection of ceramics to rival theVictoriaandAlbertMuseum’s own collection! Their family had no idea about the collection which had been amassed over a 40 year period. The collection was auctioned and the sale proceeds amounted to just under £1 million in total!

The wife died in 2012 and the husband died in 2015 without leaving a Will. The Intestacy Rules would therefore have determined who inherited his estate and also who was entitled to administer his estate. The article describes how the family who were dealing with the estate discovered the collection and then took measures to safeguard the valuables and to have them valued and disposed of.

Making a Will gives you the opportunity to consider who would be best to appoint as the Executors of your estate. The Executors will be personally responsible for dealing with all aspects of the administration of your estate and they will have a responsibility to ensure they deal with everything legally and correctly. This involves making arrangements to value and dispose of the assets in your estate including your household goods and personal items. 

It would be advisable to ask the people who you are proposing to appoint as your Executors whether or not they would be willing to act. If you happen to have any assets of an unusual or valuable nature, it would also be sensible to discuss this with your Executors to make them aware of what they will be dealing with in the future. Hopefully this would avoid any unexpected surprises for your Executors in the future!

If you instruct a Solicitor at Clough & Willis to prepare your Will, the Solicitor will discuss your assets in detail and advise you about what your Executors will need to do when dealing with your estate in the future, which could include matters that you may not have thought about before.

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