Later Life Divorce

The so-called “silver splitters” have, we are finding, increased in number over the last 5-10 years. There can be various reasons for separation,. The first being the person only got married because that was what was expected of them at the time and now the children are independent, they are reviewing their life. The second, and perhaps most frequent reason, is the realisation that divorce is deemed much more acceptable than it was many years previously. This is coupled with people’s life expectancy being much greater than was originally the case (when the old age pension was introduced it should be noted the average life expectancy for a man was 65! 

A final factor has been wealth. The so-called baby boomer generation tended to have the best of everything including generous final salary pensions, property wealth and uninterrupted (by war) earnings. These and subsequent generations options are much better now than at any time before. 

There is a requirement for increased knowledge in such cases, particularly with the introduction of pensions freedom. It is very important if you are intending to be a “silver splitter” to contact either myself or Maria Whittaker, specialist Family Law Solicitors and members of Resolution.