I Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside

The recently released survey discloses that the top 10 places in theUKwith the highest rates of divorce are all next to the coast.Blackpooltops the list with a divorce rate of 13.13% whileHastingsinSussexis second with 12.83%. The currentUKwide average of 8.2% is dwarfed in comparison. 

Commentators have referred to the fact that seaside towns, whilst often picturesque, also suffer higher levels of social depravation and it is often money problems rather than infidelity which can cause marital difficulties. There is the busy summer period followed by long months of autumn and winter boredom which it is presumed leads to people looking inward and concentrate on areas in which they are unhappy - often their partner. 

Even Eastbourne came in at number 8 with 11.47% notwithstanding it has one of the oldest general populations in the country! It just goes to show people can be unhappy and want a change at any time of life.