David Blakeley – V – Jodie Kidd

Celebrity/model Jodie Kidd’s husband of only 4 months was unable to obtain a “quickie” divorce because the law precludes divorce proceedings being issued until a couple have been married for 1 year. The couple married in August 2014 and separated in December 2014. 

The Court have, however, upon David’s request granted a decree of Judicial Separation.  This is not that same as a divorce and does not terminate their marriage at this stage. 

Such proceedings are rare in modern society even though a lot of couples do actually separate during the first year of marriage. The reason for this is usually the cost because it basically involves two sets of Court proceedings – firstly the Judicial Separation and then a divorce. The procedure, grounds and costs are similar. It is not simply a matter of asking the Court to convert the decree of judicial Separation into a divorce. 

I suspect the main reason David has taken this course of action is to enable him to apply to the Court to resolve financial matters. In the absence of agreement, this would become necessary in order to instigate a Court timetable and bring matters to a conclusion.