Cosmetic Surgery Compensation Claims

Breast enhancement, breast reduction, tummy tucks, face lifts, liposuction…..the list is endless….

The cosmetic surgery industry is booming. Clinics spend a fortune advertising their treatments and promising brilliant results that will improve the way you look. TV adverts, glossy brochures, "special deals”….all designed to tempt you into surgery.

But let's be clear about this, the cosmetic surgery industry is in it for the money, for the profits it can make. Your well being is not their first concern and this creates a huge conflict of interest between them and you (the patient).  Add to this the fact that the industry is poorly regulated and disasters are bound to happen.

Clinics may not warn you about all the risks involved in the surgery, you may not even be dealing with medically qualified staff - just sales people desperate to get you to sign up. And the surgery can go wrong - sometimes badly wrong - or you may end up very disappointed with the outcome. It may not be what you were promised!

Would you have undergone the surgery if you'd known about all the risks?

Can you have corrective surgery to put things right?

Has the surgeon been negligent?

Thankfully there is something you can do if it all goes wrong. You can claim compensation for negligent cosmetic surgery and you could recover compensation for:

  • Ongoing pain 
  • Ongoing cosmetic deficit
  • Scarring
  • Pain and suffering involved in remedial/corrective treatment or surgery
  • Psychological injury
  • Cost of the original surgery
  • Cost of remedial treatment/surgery
  • Cost of other treatments or purchases
  • Care and assistance
  • Loss of earnings

You don't just have to put up with it! Take specialist advice. Talk to me now about your options.