Clough & Willis sees 30% rise in instructions from new clients who have received bad will writing advice

Clough & Willis - one of the region's leading mid-sized legal firms - welcomes The Legal Services Board's (LSB) recent decision to launch a formal investigation that will consider the regulation of will-writing, following a recommendation from its consumer watchdog. The firm's position follows a 30% increase in the number of North West based clients that it has dealt with over the last 12 months who have received bad guidance from non-legal organisations such as banks, will writing companies and online providers.

Primarily focussing on will-writing services, the LSB panel asserted that all providers should be obliged to satisfy regulators that they are competent. It also said they should follow a code of conduct and allow complaints to the Legal Ombudsman. These recommendations would mean better regulation to protect consumers and would ensure tighter controls across the whole sector.

Shefali Talukdar, managing partner at Clough & Willis, said; 'The findings from the report were shocking but not necessarily that surprising. We see some appalling cases walking in everyday and they're becoming more prolific so something needs to be done. Many people choose what they see to be a smart & cost effective option but in reality it can be anything but.  Shefali concluded; Some of the worst quality wills are also those prepared by individuals themselves, either online or on paper. Unfortunately, however, most errors tend not to be identified until it is too late.'