Unlawful deduction from wages

An employer is not lawfully permitted to make any deductions from an employees wages (other than those authorised by statute e.g. tax and NI) unless they have the contractual right to do so.

Even if damage has been caused to the employer's property/stock by carelessness or negligence, the employer cannot recover the cost of repair or replacement via deductions from employee wages unless they have the contractual right to do so.

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An Employer's Responsibility

An employer is also required to act reasonably in terms of the deductions made. As such the amount deducted per pay period should be reasonable with respect to the employee's earnings. The employer is not entitled to deduct the whole of the wage for that pay period.

An employee must be given reasonable notice that the deduction is to occur, when it is to occur and why. Should the employee dispute either the reason for the deduction or the right of the employer to make the deduction it could lead to a grievance against the employer.

A claim to the Employment Tribunal can be made that an employer has made an unlawful deduction from wages whilst an employee remains in employment.  An employee does not have to resign and then bring a claim. If an employer dismisses the employee for bringing such a claim, the dismissal is highly likely to be deemed unfair.

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