Intellectual Property

"Intellectual Property" is the terms used by lawyers to cover: patents, design rights, copyright, trade marks. Other business rights include protection from "passing off" ie where one business represents itself, or its goods or services as being or originating with or from someone else.

In the business world great value may be wrapped up in intellectual property rights, for example in the patents a business has developed to protect engineering developments, or the brand awareness and goodwill attached to a brand name and trade mark.

Clough & Willis deals with claims arising out of breaches of intellectual property rights and passing off.

We have the expertise to advise those who believe their rights have been breached. We also defend clients against claims brought alleging such breaches.

Recent cases in which we have been involved include:

  • Allegations of passing off; trade mark infringement and design right infringement revolving around a shoe design (defending)
  • Allegations of passing off and copyright breaches of a client's website (claiming)
  • Allegations of passing off and copyright breaches regarding a web mail shot (defending)
  • Allegations of copyright breaches, design right breaches regarding a brass moulding

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