The internet has completely revolutionised the way the business world works, and has given smaller firms the opportunity to compete with their larger rivals on an even playing field.  But along with this, the web has created a minefield or legal issues, which can greatly impact organisations if they fail to play by the rules.

Commercial users of the internet face compliance obligations at several levels: contract law, company law, consumer protection from unfair trading, distance selling, e-commerce, privacy, confidentiality, defamation, professional compliance for regulated professions.

In addition an operator of an online business will want to protect the business from infringement of its trade or service marks, copyright  theft or passing off.

Clough & Willis can advise in the following areas:

  • Direct marketing
  • Copyright protection of websites    
  • Defamation   
  • Domain name abusive registrations 
  • E-mail policies 
  • Passing off and misdescription 
  • Social networking employment policies  
  • Webmail liability

We can help

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