What To Do If Your Solicitor Closes Down

It sometimes happens that you have a personal injury claim being dealt with by a firm of solicitors that closes down. Normally you will get plenty of notice as the closure will be planned and the firm will write to you with advice about the closure, telling you why it is happening, when it will happen and what will happen to your case.

But sometimes the closure happens unexpectedly and without notice. There are several reasons why this could happen - the recent reforms to the civil justice system have caused a lot of firms to pull out of the personal injury market, firms may have been badly hit by the recession or there may be regulatory/professional reasons why the firm closes.

It's the unexpected and sudden closure that causes problems with your claim. What do you do? What happens to your file? Will you be able to continue with it? Will another solicitors firm take your case on? How much will it cost you? Will you miss a court deadline? All these are worrying questions.

So what should you do? You should contact another solicitor who specialises in personal injury claims. He/she will be able to get your file and carry on with your claim. Most solicitors will act on a "No Win No Fee” basis so it shouldn't cost you anything to do this.

The important thing to do is ACT QUICKLY. Time could be of the essence so the sooner you speak to another solicitor the better. Don't let your claim wither and die. Act as soon as you find out about the firm's closure.