The Importance of an Environmental Report

There has been a lot of media coverage this year of the floods which affected southern parks of England. Many peoples homes and in some cases, lives have been destroyed. It may take years and thousands of pounds to rectify the damage caused.

Whilst we accept that these events are extreme, they nevertheless identify the importance of obtaining an environmental search report when purchasing a property. The report will confirm whether the property is likely to be affected by river, coastal or surface water flooding and if so to what extent.

When purchasing with the assistance of mortgage finance, your solicitor will obtain an the importance of an environmental report as a matter of course as the mortgage lender is likely to insist on it. However, it is increasingly common for cash purchasers to decide they do not want any searches carrying out which could provide very costly in the long run, especially if the property is situated in a coastal area or close to a river.

At Clough and Willis, we encourage all clients to obtain all the necessary searches so that they have as much information as possible before investing in a property. We would review the environmental report thoroughly and provide you with a copy for your own reference. If we believed the property was at an increased risk of flooding we would advise you accordingly.

For more information on environmental search reports or search reports in general, including a local search, coal search and water and drainage search, please do not hesitate to contact me.