Why Shouldn’t I Be Proud?

I am a claimant personal injury lawyer. And I will let you in on a little secret…. Despite that fact I am human. You can talk to me without being ashamed. And this may shock you but I’m going to say it anyway….I am proud of what I do. There, I’ve said it. It’s all out in the open. 

I feel compelled to write this and get it off my chest because I’m tired of the stigma that seems to attach itself to claimants and claimant personal injury lawyers. If you listen to the government, the insurance industry and some parts of the media I must be an unscrupulous, money grabbing ambulance chaser who is personally driving up your motor insurance premium and damaging British industry. And the same people view my clients as “spongers” and “malingerers”. The government has over recent years introduced a raft of laws all designed to stop injured people claiming (much to the delight of insurance companies). But why is this? It’s vested interest propaganda of course but I’m surprised by how many people, some of them quite intelligent, believe it without a minutes thought.   

My own take on this goes something like this…. 

Honest claimants are entitled to fair compensation and, in fact, society has a duty to protect innocent injured victims. I try to do a good job for people who need my help. I’ve written before about how even a minor personal injury can have very serious personal and financial consequences for the victim. People do get hurt in accidents, and those accidents are usually caused by someone being at fault. The injured person not only deserves compensation but society should champion his right to it, not belittle him and denigrate those who try to help him. 

So, I’ll say it again. I am a claimant personal injury lawyer and I am proud of it!