What Happens to My Compensation Claim If I Wasn't Wearing My Seatbelt?

What happens if you are injured in a road accident, it wasn't your fault but you weren't wearing your seat belt? 

Will this have any effect on your personal injury compensation claim? 
The answer to that question is: Probably! 
The law is very clear. If you're not wearing your seat belt and you are injured your compensation will be reduced: 
  • By 25% if your injuries would have been entirely avoided if you had been wearing your seat belt: 
  • By 15% if the seat belt would have reduced the severity of your injuries: 
  • 0% if the failure to wear your seat belt made no difference to the injuries you sustained. 
Some insurance companies try to convince you that you should lose a bigger slice of your compensation but that's just a "try on”. Make sure you use a specialist personal injury solicitor who knows the rules.