The Temperatures Rise Along With House Prices:

There has been a significant upturn in the price of houses this has been put down to factors such as a mortgage price war, the general public having a rosier view of the economy and having more money in their pockets.  However the main reason being that the stock of houses on the market for sale is at a very low level. 

It is a time of optimism if you are thinking of selling your property as house prices are at an all time high and look to rise and rise throughout this year (according to the experts). You will have the choice of the thousands of buyers that will be knocking at your door, via the Estate Agents of course, to purchase your property and you will have a good chance of achieving the asking price.  We have noticed here at Clough & Willis that houses are selling very quickly and are selling at or just below the asking price. You maybe lucky enough to catch one of the 37% of purchasers who are buying with cash, which in most cases helps your transaction move through over a shorter time. 

If you are happy where you are and you and would like to make a few small improvements, swimming pool or barbeque area to enjoy the sun or to add an extra bedroom to your property then you can release some of the equity in your property or take an advantage of the mortgage price war that is currently happening, with great offers on re-mortgages. 

If you are looking to purchase a property then the time is now, the prediction of the rise in prices over the next 2-3 years is between 4-6% from most UK and European economists and so start to visit you estate agents and look at dipping your toe into the housing market as over the next few years it may just leave you behind. 

If you want any advice in regards to selling, purchasing, re-mortgaging or releasing equity feel free to take advantage of our free property clinic at Clough & Willis.